This tool is a combination of a magnifying glass and a screw driver. This tool helps scientists to look at different things like space rocks on the ISS very closely and have a convenient tool attached to it. On the ISS scientist need magnifying glasses to examine things very closely. Scientist on the ISS also need a tool right by their side. The ISS uses different types of magnifying glasses. For example the ISS uses a Cosmic glass to see different changes in the galaxy. My tool can be mostly printed with a 3D printer. Some of the parts will need to be placed in separately. Such as the glass for the magnifying part will need to be placed and made a part from the 3D printer. This tool also has two lights. One is on the right the other on the left. This part will also need to be made out of a different material. This part with also require some electrical work to power the lights and the “On” and “Off” button. All in all, this helpful and useful tool will be the best way to help the ISS.

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