I have made a hammer and a wrench being used as a dual tool. My design focuses on being useful and effective in the ISS. In the International Space Station it is cramped and cluttered; my tool doesn’t take up as much space as two separate tools and it isn’t as heavy. This way there is more room on the ISS for more things that are needed. It will help fit more tools, therefore it won’t exceed the weight limit on the station. Many times different space crafts couldn't lift off the ground because it was too heavy. Now when the tools are combined there is more room for other necessities. The wrench can be used for providing grip and mechanical advantages in applying torque to turn objects -- usually rotary fasteners, such as nuts and bolts -- or keep them from turning. The hammer head can also be used as extra grip. The actual hammer can be used to drive nails, fix parts, or break apart objects. All of these uses will be helpful on the ISS.

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