The NASA website states,"The nutritional boost of fresh food and the psychological benefits of growing plants become paramount as the agency plans for future missions to deep space destinations." The problem with growing plants on the International Space Station is that the plants are getting over watered causing mold and bacteria. Some plants that are long are getting caught on the planting habitat which affects the way that the other plants grow. I have invented the Watering Scissors so that only a little bit of water will come out at a time. I put lines on the side of this tool so that the astronauts know how much they are watering the plants.This tool will also be a plant cutter. When assembling this tool, an astronaut will need to put one side of the scissor on top of the other side of the scissor and then the astronaut will need to insert the screw in the hole and then attach the other circle to the bottom of the screw. The watering tool gets fastened to the top of the scissor.

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