Imagine carrying eye protection, a flashlight and a magnifying glass, it’s just too annoying to carry around. The Lightifyer is a tool that is an eye protection that is magnified, which can be adjusted and has a led light that uses silver oxide batteries, which can be turned on or off for different situations and the brightness can be adjusted depending on how dark or bright the place is. The outside of the light will be made of Noryl, Thermoplastic, or ABS. It helps astronauts see tiny objects that are hard to see in the spacecraft and the light is used to help the astronaut see places that are dark. It also has an elastic band so you can use it to strap onto your head, it can be replaced if it tears apart. The band can be adjusted either when it is too tight or too loose so it is comfortable when you wear it. The sides would be made out of polycarbonate as well as the first layer of the front. The layer behind it will be made with convex lens.

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