The appearance of the device is a movable piece that latches onto a clip. Behind it, it has a hollow cup that you can string wires through it. It would be a very useful device because of how many open wires there are. It is a light blue almost a baby blue, and I changed it to this color because it is almost white, but it still sort of stands out. Also you could possibly use this device for a tether holder. I believe that this device would be very strong considering the material we are using and it will be a cool thing to tinker with.

Just Imagine having to fly through the space station and your foot gets caught on a wire and you break it, then you could get in a lot of trouble. This event could possibly kill you if it lead outside and it lets out the oxygen. You would suffocate and some of your ship mates could also. This device is NEED for the ISS because there are way too many wires.

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