The tool that I designed is called the Scrmer. If you need a hammer and a screwdriver that you want to have together then get a Scrmer. This latest invention was made for space uses like if you want to fix your ship because it is dented or it crashed then you can use a Scrmer to fix the problem. This shows that an easier tool like the Scrmer is should be recently use for different circumstances for space. The use of the Scrmer is that when you drill something in and you messed it up, you can use the hammer to take out the nail. The Scrmer is really handy for working and sometimes the Hammer Screw can really be a help to other recruits. The Scrmer is such an amazing and phenomenal tool to use. I really appreciate that the Scrmer can help so many things and tools. We want the Scrmer to fix almost everything for NASA. The Scrmer represents us a lot and shows who we were made of. Thank you so much for your consideration!!

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