Stud-C-Clamp combines the seat track stud with the handrail clamp. The stud is reinvented as a screw, and the head is designed to fit in seat track. The stud screw is paired up with a v-grooved c-clamp (modified handrail clamp), designed for handrails/similarly sized objects. In addition, the C-clamp features a protruded ball and socket, which is compatible with the flex bracket. Both the ball and socket have an internal airway channel. The ring, originally available with the stud, has been relocated to the clamp. The light blue-colored chain of ball-sockets (modified version of Link-A-Lot) enables astronauts to connect multiple clamps. One of the given thumb nuts keeps the screw in place after clamping, while the other holds the stud in place (when being used with the seat track.) When using as a clamp, tighten screw to keep rail in place, then tighten top bolt to keep screw in place. When using as a stud, simply tighten bottom bolt to keep stud in place.

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