My 3d project is called The Nail File Transporter. It’s a nail file combined with a hook loop that you can use to move around in the ship. It is 100% made of plastic. My project is 2 rings combined into one. One ring goes vertical and one goes horizontal. I made two pairs, one for each hand. The second thing i made to go along with these are pegs that should go in your ship. You should place them in the spot that is most difficult to get to. To use these in the ship you will put the rings in your finger and you have to put one of the rings on the palm side because that is how it works. Next you will need to push yourself and make sure the ring goes into the pegs and then firm yourself and then push yourself to the next peg. It’s like wall climbing. To use the nail file you will need to turn the face of the ring to the outside of your hand. Then push the ridges against your nail and go left to right. I’m sure this will help astronauts in space.

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