Why would we need a scalpel and a magnifying glass to be fitted together? This is two save mass on the International Space Station (ISS). What would the astronauts do if a shard went inside of another astronaut's arm? You could use the magni-scalp. This device can save a life or provide extremely important information to the ISS. Currently, N.A.S.A. has figured out that earthworms can live in Mars soil. If the ISS did experiments like this, they can dissect their experiments and use the magnifying glass for closer experimentation instead of dirtying microscope lenses. What about the surgery thing, how can it help with extremely important and urgent surgeries? If someone got metal or glass in their arm? You could easily cut there arm and the wound with the scalpel part, then you can use the magnifying glass to closely analyze the wound and how to take it out. In conclusion, this is how the mangi-scalp, the magnifying glass and a scalpel, will be extremely useful.

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