My solution to our problem is to create a multiple bit screwdriver to eliminate the need for extra storage, and to allow the astronauts to easily change between bits without having to touch them. This solution has three major parts. The first is the holder, which is the center of the whole screwdriver. It includes a large space for the wheel, a hole in the top and bottom for the pin that holds the wheel, and lastly, it has a place for the pusher piece to push up the metal bits. The second piece is the wheel that holds six different bits. This piece is held in by a pin that allows the wheel to spin freely. The wheel locks in certain positions by little divots in the part, and extrusions in the holder. The last piece is the pusher. This part contains a long cylinder that pushes up the bits, which includes a magnet to keep the bits from falling out. In addition, this piece has a long extrusion on the back to make sure that the pusher can’t be pulled out once assembled.

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