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In our 6th grade class each table made a weather balloon. We first had to gather all of the supplies to get ready to build the project. We first got a balloon filled with helium and then made a payload out of paper. After that we made a computer case for the camera, a mount for the camera, a GPS, an audio beacon, and a flight computer out of paper and placed all of them inside the payload. We weighed our payload and found it to weigh 0.2 grams. Then we made a camera out of paper and taped it to the string above the payload. After that we cut a plastic bag in half as the parachute and taped it between the balloon and the payload on the string. Lastly we added a yellow string to the bottom of the payload so that when we launch the weather balloon we can see how high the balloon launches into the sky, but we will still be able to hold onto the string in the process so we don't loose the balloon.