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Teamates William Frank Diego Jesus

We designed a payload for a weather balloon. First, every team mate sketched out our ideas and then we put the best parts together. Our first design was a Battle Bus from one of the video games we like to play. We used Popsicle sticks and tape to try to hold it all together. Those materials were not good because they just fell apart no matter what we did. We decided to change our design to a monster one and use different materials. We ended up using poster board , tape and cups. We also used poster board to make models of everything to make sure it all fit together. This time it worked better and did not fall apart when we tested it. First we tested it by dropping it off of a chair and then it glided better and landed safely and then we tested it by throwing it into the air and even though it flipped around, it still landed safely. We learned that even if the first idea does not work, you can always redesign and try again.