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Our idea was to create a payload that was not too heavy, so it could be easily carried by the ballon and is sturdy so that when the balloon releases it from a high distance, it will not highly damage the tools inside, even though the parachute will reduce the pressure of the payloads landing. We wanted to create a payload that could collect temperature faster, so I thought of the idea of placing metal plates, which was made from recycled soda cans, in the interior walls. This way, when the box reaches the sky, the metal can pull the heat in and trap it in using the foam wall which was placed in the interior wall after the metal plates. Another detail we added was to paint the outside black since it has been confirmed that black absorbs more energy, or heat than most colors. The materials used for this project are cardboard, foam, clear plastic box, masking tape, fabric(clothes), coins, paper, fluffy balls, and hot glue. Another detail we added was adding a clear plastic in front of the camera so that oxygen and gravity wouldn’t interfere with the payload flight, and because our plan was to create a “closed box,” was made sure that there wouldn’t be any open areas where air can enter into. Finally, our last detail was to measure the weight of the pennies and split it in half so that both sides of the box would be in balance.