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What our team did was get the strongest box we could find, whether it was an ordinary rectangle or an abstract triangle. And we tried many different fillings that would protect the items held inside, and found that a type of styrofoam was the way to go. It hold all elements that are required (Computer Sensor, Camera, etc.) and follows the design guidelines, meaning all design components are recyclable according to the LA Blue Bin. After the first drop test (8 ft.) it flipped in the air but we are thinking of incorporating something (possibly a weight) that will help it drop and land on the bottom. In the title, we had included 'Lucky Block,' that is because we painted the box yellow and did a hand drawn question mark on each side except the bottom and the top. The camera, that is required to be seen and in a secure location where it will not spin, is inside the box where the lens is facing the bottom where a hole is cut out and a piece of plastic is protecting it from being exposed to the ground when it lands. The camera can be seen in the last picture we put in and we are so sorry, the images uploaded sideways. Overall we are excited to enter into this competition, it is something new for us and let's hope you guys accept it! Thank you!