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I think the climate in LA may not change over the next 10 years other than the precipitation. I think this because the graph shows that there is barely any change between the avg. annual temperature, avg. high temperature, and avg. the low temperature throughout the 20 years. However, for the precipitation, the pattern goes up and down, until the last few years where the pattern starts becoming straighter, which shows that there is a chance of the climate changing for precipitation. In Los Angeles, the climate factors of the avg. monthly temperature, avg. high temperature, and avg. low temperature, total precipitation, and total snowfall, altogether show more of a crooked pattern slowing moving up then slightly but clearly dropping down. Except for the total snowfall which is always at 0 for both cities, and in Los Angeles the precipitation was mostly down. In Hilo, the climate factors were in a straighter line, while their precipitation went up and down. My design on the outside has half water bottles used as a cushion at the bottom of each edge. There is a part cut with a piece of a water bottle covering it for the lens of the camera. Each component inside has its own space with cardboard covered with aluminum foil perfectly fit for each component an a part above it so that it doesn't get damaged or fly out. In my payload, after the drop test only the GPS completely survived, but if everything is built correctly, everything would survive.