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The House in the Cloud is our version of the weather balloon payload. It is called this because we decorated our payload to look like a house because of the bubble wrap on the side that looked like a cloud. We took a box and wrapped the bottom inside and out with bubble wrap. And added rolls of bubble wrap on the sides. Then we added plastic film after we cut a hole in the side of the box for the camera lens to see. To secure the equipment we made bubble wrap boxes; which had popsicle sticks to hold the shape of the box that fit each piece of equipment perfectly. Then we put the camera on one side and the rest of the equipment on the other to balance the weight, and on the other side of the camera we added a pennies to balance it. We added a cardboard piece to hold in place and stuffed the sides with bubble wrap the other side of the equipment fit nicely with no bubble wrap. We added another piece the one in between the two to hold it and stuffed the rest with bubble wrap. It survived the 8ft drop and drop off the 2 story school.