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The payload we've made for this challenge was created with reused cardboard, bubble wrap, stuffings, water bottle caps, and stings. The only items we bought was tape and glue gun. Everything else was reused. We did our best making our box as light and as small as possible. It approximately weighs about 2 pounds, even with the pennies included! Our box is a compact space with enough to fit all of the equipment. The payload has four water bottle caps at the bottom to help it land on its feet. It also has a string and a cut water bottle cap that acts like a drawstring bag to make the payload easy to open and close, so your equipment can easily be removed from our payload without the unnecessary amount of tape. The sting we added can act as a hook and a way to close and open the payload. Our box had survived a drop from 8 feet and a drop from a two story building. The paper and penny mock up components survived in both tests. Our box showed barely any damage, and even landed perfectly. We wish good luck to the other participants of this challenge, and appreciate Future Engineers for creating this challenge. Thank you for reading our submission!