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The device with coins weighs 1.7 pounds and is made of polystyrene, tape, cardboard, hot glue, and balloon string. The Device by itself is 200 grams or 0.44 rounding down to 0.4 pounds. The coins, therefore, are 1.3 pounds. The lens is made of clear, recyclable plastic for the camera to see out of. The payload is secured with a lid to secure the items that might fly out. The lid is then secured with duct tape to prevent the lid from falling out and going loose. There is a cardboard holder for the other devices like GPS, batteries, and flight computer. The box on the bottom is the area for the camera unaffected by the light amount in the payload. 0.75 Kilograms converts to 1.65 pounds which gets rounded up to 1.7 pounds. When the device fell from the 31-foot drop on the roof to the ground, the device curved from the wind and hit the window before floating to the ground due to the light polystyrene material. On our 8 foot drop, nothing broke, but when it hit the ground, it toppled over. This was due to a small base, so if we added a broad 2-pound base to the bottom, it would most likely stand up after it hit the ground. Below are our pictures, with descriptions to explain them.