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Why do I think the climate in LA may change over the next 10 years? I feel like the climate in LA might change a bit because in the period of 20 years because in the data table, you can see the average temperature per each summer increases. Compared with historical averages – that is, average temperatures from (2006-2039); between 4.4 and 5.8 degrees. That translates into the following average temperatures: 2006-2039: 72.6 to 72.8 degrees F. Also, In recent decades, warming has become more acute, and along with it has come a set of other changes, including more rain/less snow and earlier snow melts in western mountains and advances in spring plant blooms. Although the warming is still modest, the levels of seasonal and annual temperatures are beginning to extend above the highest temperatures observed historically. Furthermore, there are still lots of changes in the climate that can affect global warming. I made an extremely sturdy box that carried pennies, which represented items in a real weather balloon scenario. Inside the console, I have 200 cotton balls to reduce fall damage because cotton is a really soft material and is also strong to hold up the pressure and weight like the payload. For the camera and mount, I made a hole on the side of the box so that the camera can see outside when it is on the air. In total it weighed 2.66 pounds. All the materials used to make payload are recycled materials. It survived a 38 ft. drop test with just a small tear in the camera.