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Our payload is made of a cardboard shoebox, and weighs 1.86 pounds. It has 4 foam blocks on the corners of the top and bottom of the box. We have 2 different types of bubble wrap inside of the payload to protect the devices inside. We also have a rectangle cut-out, for the lens of the camera at the front of the box. One of the bubble wraps is a clear sheet with bubbles, which is on the inside bottom of the box. The one on top of that is the green packaging bubble wrap which is four big bags of air connected together. We put the devices in between the big bubble wrap, maximizing the protection. After dropping our payload from 8 feet and 35 feet, our payload survived because the foam blocks on the top and bottom allowed the payload to have a soft landing. The foam blocks allowed the box to fall straight down instead of falling on its side. The big bubble wrap inside protected the boxes from breaking.