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What I Made:
I made a weather balloon with payload which is made out of recyclables materials from my house and added some modifications so all payload components can fit inside securely. I made a window so the camera can see outside things and record the flight.

How I Made It:
I made a payload out of Cardboard boxes. I added some compartments (sections) for each of the components so they don’t touch each other and also provided bubble wrap cushioning. I attached velcro on the bottom of each section so it would stick to the payload and survive an 8-foot drop!. To prevent payload getting wet due to moisture I homemade dehumidifier with silica crystal that I found in mom’s shopping box. Then I made a lid on the inside and a lid on the outside so nothing could go outside of the box after the fall. I put the string on each corner and attached it to a helium balloon.

I tried the 8-foot drop challenge with the payload I made and worked according to plan. I actually had a drop from 8 feet and payload survived the landing and all components inside remained intact and safe.