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Every material we used is recyclable. Inside the box, there is a multi-layered polystyrene base which acts as a secure bottom layer. We have designed compartments for each of the onboard components which adds an extra layer of protection. We inserted the components in its designated spots. The top of each compartment sealed with tape so they won’t fly out of the box. The external design is multilayered protection which includes bubble wrap, and 4 strong plastic case legs which make the payload robust. If the payload falls, the foot layer will absorb the initial shock followed by legs to absorb the maximum shock. This would prevent any damage. Plastic case legs wrap around the corners to provide balance, equal strength on all sides. We added strong braided string under the box both vertically and horizontally and braided into a single attachment point. We pulled the strings; the strings showed no signs of breaking. This knot would be the attachment place for attaching the weather balloon to the payload. When the payload hangs to the balloon with a single attachment point, it would retain perfect balance. You can see how perfectly balanced and where/how we placed the strings in the pictures. After building the payload, we dropped it from 8 feet and there was no harm done to it. We also dropped it from 35 feet off the ground and it survived without any damage as well. These tests show us how strong our payload is and how well our payload can withstand falling in the real world.