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My partners and I compared Los Angeles and San Francisco for our data visualizations. As for our weather balloon, it takes the shape of a triangular pyramid. We chose to build a triangular pyramid since the triangular pyramid would be a creative design, varying from the other projects. A triangular pyramid would also prove to be stable when dropped, meaning it’s less likely to flip. Also, it can land on any side and still be upright. Our triangular pyramid payload is mainly made up of cardboards, straws, hot glue, bubble wrap, and our mock-up components are made of card stock, to ensure the hold on the pennies. The cardboard makes up the structure. One of the sides has a hole cut on the bottom for the camera to safely watch the fall. The straws that we used, outline the edges of the triangular pyramid, making sure that the cardboard doesn’t touch the ground. Although, the bubble wrap is wrapped on the outside the payload to dampen the impact of the payload clashing ground. To ensure the safety of the devices, or in this case, pennies, pillow-like bubble wrap is also added. As for the components that are inside, we used foam board to make structures to place them in. You can use this sharable link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13xQGDVgY_G0md3G6O92v00n0AvgQ6qhLPjRQ7XfOhbU/edit?usp=sharing