The Veterans' Puzzle Pin is 5x5x1.5cm (parametrically scalable), has plenty of pin-backing room, is fully print-in-place, and is robustly designed. It also features a sliding puzzle revealing a heartfelt image representing the unwavering loyalty and steadfast sense of duty of our veterans. This interactive puzzle allows the Veterans’ Puzzle Pin to not be just another disposable decoration, but a cherished gift. The veterans will appreciate the idea of this clever form to remember their selfless service, rather than another boring, motionless design. Any children, cousins, siblings, etc. of the veteran would also enjoy the fun puzzle and value the recognition of the sacrifice that their family has endured for their country. Additionally, the thoughtful text around the Veterans' Puzzle Pin rim resounds with any veteran, reminding themselves, their family, and society, of the high standards of bravery, sacrifice, and patriotism that they have passionately committed to serving the nation.

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