This is a fully parametric, 5x5x1.2 cm, fully print-in-place design requiring minimal supports. Its main feature boasts an innovative rotating selector system that allows veterans to indicate their branch of service. In this way, veterans appreciate the thoughtful, physically-rotating system that enthusiastically represents their military experience. In addition to the service-selector mechanism, this pin also includes thoughtful words that inspire the driving force behind the veterans’ service. On the sides of the hexagon are “Honor”, “Sacrifice”, “Duty”, “Service”, “Loyalty”, and “Trust”. These are not just uplifting words, they are the driving power behind our veterans’ commitment to our protection. Overall, this is the best design to distribute to veterans because of its high-quality design, unique selector feature, and its overall inspiring messaging. Veterans will be delighted by these novel elements in such a way that this design is not just a throwaway patch, but a cherished, valuable gift.

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