Growing up, I heard stories of my grandfathers. They were immigrants, fighting for a country that they called home. Braving the journey to America, one escaped the grasp of Nazi Germany and the other, Mao Zedong's brutality. Inspired by the land of freedom, they took a stand. My Jewish grandfather fought in WWII, only eighteen, fighting his people's oppressors. My Chinese grandfather, took up arms in the Korean War, protecting liberties in dark times. They are are my heroes and I wanted to pay homage to them. My pin fused the symbols of all the branches: the air and space forces' lightning; the marines' globe; the army's star; and the navy and coast guard's anchor. I used red, white, and blue, to symbolize freedom and gold representing nobility. I surrounded the pin with traits that veterans embody, with an eagle as the centerpiece, a symbol of loyalty, freedom and honor.

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